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Company Profile

Noone Engineering was set up by Michael Noone, a native of Rathangan, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Michael had spent 21 years in the engineering business in England, but had connections with the trade in Ireland and knew there were opportunities in the trade in import substitution.
He returned to Ireland in 1977 and set up Noone Engineering in Rathangan. Quality and service proved a winner and business prospered to such an extent that Michael operated a type of reverse emigration bringing in three high-skilled people from England.
Today, there are 32 local people employed at Noone's. The company has established itself as a high quality precision engineering company with a highly skilled workforce, supplying most of the major multinational companies here in Ireland.

There are four main branches to Noone's operation - design, manufacture, specialized services and supply.

Today's customers are more and more concerned about quality and will only be prepared to purchase goods and services which they are assured are subject to the most stringent Quality Standards. The ISO 9002 Standard gives this assurance and therefore those companies which on their own initiative have reached the required standards will have the edge in an increasingly difficult and competitive markets. We see quality as a cornerstone to success in the years ahead, and having the ISO 9002 standard as a launching pad will allow us to supply quality conscious companies.



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